MEF Motorcycle Storage, London
MEF Motorcycle Storage, London

Motorcycle Storage - £65+vat PCM

We will store your bike in our climate controlled building, kept at a steady 55% humidity, with good air circulation.


Our site is monitored 24/7 by high definition CCTV, and protected by our police response alarm system.


We will also connect your bike to a state of the art battery conditioner, keeping the battery in optimum condition. If a fault occurs with the battery, you will be made aware and we will offer to replace it in house.


We keep all bikes in running condition, warming them up to operating temperature each month. This allows us to check for any leaks or running issues. Long term stored bikes will be ridden on our private road occasionally to prevent brake calipers sticking and to lubricate gearboxes etc.


We don't charge for you to store riding gear with the bike either, saving the hassle of bringing anything with you when coming to collect it.

Car storage - £150+vat pcm

Our stored cars are kept in the same perfect conditions and receive the same treatment as our bikes, see above.


We also offer to keep your car in a ventilated Carcoon whilst it's with us, offering an extra level of protection, for an additional £30+VAT pcm.


Cars are also run up to temperature every month, and driven to prevent tyre flat spots and brake calipers sticking. 

All vehicles brought into storage will have a compulsory valet.


Cars - £35+VAT - Exterior wash and wax, interior vacuum, windows cleaned.

Bikes - £25+VAT - Exterior valet.

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